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Within the last 12 months a new type of life insurance called a “Relevant Life Policy” has been breaking onto the market. This product has to be very carefully set up to ensure it is done correctly and the full tax benefits received. The policy is designed to give directors and employees tax efficient life Insurance policy which can be paid by their Limited company with the beneficiary being a named person, usually a partner, child or family member.

Whilst many people will still take out death in service and normal life insurance, directors now have the opportunity to take out much higher sums assured and pay through their companies. Thus not having to pay their life insurance from their taxed income. Although relevant life insurance premiums can be a little more than normal premiums it can still save you up to 40% on your premiums (depending on your tax bracket). 

Using our experience over the last 2 years we can best provide you with a quote and service that best looks after your interests. Please don't hesitate and contact us now for further information

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