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If you are looking for a mortgage for your main residence, whether you are buying a new home or remortgaging your existing property, you will require a residential mortgage.

But when it comes to choose the right option of so many options available – it is really a daunting exercise. The best way of picking up the right option for your situation is to use an independent mortgage broker such as Airborne Financial Services.

At Airborne, one of the mortgage experts can help you understand and access all the available market mortgages depending upon whether you are a first time buyer; remortgaging your existing property; self employed; or have unusual income circumstances.

They work hard to get right deal for you, that means looking at every aspect of the mortgage, from finding great rates, lenders arrangement fees to early repayment charges etc. To put it simply, they make this complicated and time consuming exercise simple for you and keeping you informed at every step.

First time buyer:

We know from our experience, for the first time buyer choosing a ‘right mortgage’ may seem an utterly confusing exercise.

Fixed rate or base rate or discounted variable – what interest rate to pick and for how many years? And to what percentage of the total amount I can draw as mortgage? What credible lender to pick? Will that lender approve my application? How much I can borrow and which is the right first-time buyer mortgage for my circumstances?

These are the questions that we see as a first time buyer, you may find difficult to answer from the vast variety of options available in the market. This simply complicate the situation further rather simplifying – isn’t it?  

The most important thing you can do to solve this holy-grail is to choose the right adviser. We at Airborne Financial Services with years of experience in mortgage industry have helped a number of first time buyers choose the right mortgage depending upon their individual circumstances. So, we should be able to find the right residential mortgage for you.

Looking to remortgage:

You may be looking to remortgage your existing deal to another fixed or discounted variable rate loan often with a new lender. Whatever the reason for your remortgage – be it getting a better deal as most fixed or discounted rates, or to borrow more money, Airborne Financial Services can help with your refinancing.

We have access to a wide range of remortgage deals, as well as a number of exclusive refinance options, so should be able to find the right remortgage deal for you.

Are a Self Employed:

If you working as self employed then it becomes difficult sometimes to arrange for payslips, P60 and other financial statements to prove income necessary for gaining a mortgage.

At Airborne we have years of experience in finding mortgages for the self employed. Our expert will establish whether you could qualify for a standard mortgage or should you go down an alternative route to find a suitable mortgage as per your circumstances.  

Overall Cost for comparison is 4.1% APR. Actual rate available will depend upon your circumstances. Please Contact Us for a personalised illustration. Rate correct as at 12/6/2012

Have unusual income circumstances:

After the recession struck it has really become harder than ever to achieve mortgage finance with a bad credit score or with a complicated income streams. You need expert guidance and tips to deal with these complicated situation to assure your lender that you will not possess any kind of threat to them.

At Airborne our team of financial expert will always endeavour to achieve a suitable solution to your needs and we can help identity the right options for you – whether you have a poor credit record or you need to use a guarantor.

Overall Cost for comparison is 5.5% APR. Actual rate available will depend upon your circumstances. Please Contact Us for a personalised illustration. Rate correct as at 12/6/2012

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