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The EU Gender Directive is a piece of legislation that will make it illegal for insurance providers to charge men and women different rates for their life or car insurance. From 21st December 2012 the premiums on all insurance and annuities could be the same for men and women.

If you currently have life insurance or are looking to take cover – now is the time to buy.

Out of the EU gender legislation the important things to know are:

“How much will my premiums go up?”

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) estimate that women could see a 20% increase on their premiums, this will affect the prices of single and joint policies.

“How can I make sure I don’t get affected by this?”

Although December might seem like a long way off, smart consumers know that now is the best time to start shopping around.

The good news is that the ABI have stated that consumers who buy cover before 21st December 2012 should not be affected by the price change. That means, buying a fixed/ guaranteed rate plan now means you can avoid the possibility of extra costs after the rules change.

We at Airborne, a team of financial experts can look into your individual case and guide you to buy / upgrade suitable life insurance for you.

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