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You may have fortune with you that you want to pass to your dear one after your demise, but without a Will the court decides where your estate goes.

Estate planning is all about making sure your wishes are followed, and minimising the amount of taxes due on your estate.  An IFA can help you make your will in such a manner that after you pass away your assets will be passed to the people you choose – not the tax man.

At Airborne, we can assign you a specialist and regulated will writer who can ensure your estate is fully managed and your family is well protected – should the worst happens.

Good legal estate planning can form part of Inheritance Tax Planning, and will also include areas such as Power of Attorney (where you can nominate who looks after your estate if your mental health deteriorates) and trusts.

Putting your savings, investments, life policies or assets into a trust can play an important part in minimising any taxes due on your estate.  A trust is simply a legal entity that has control over assets for the benefit of one or more people. This way your savings and investments can be passed to the people you want at the right time without paying unnecessary taxes first.

We know there a lot of questions still going on in your mind and we would suggest that you should ask your IFA upon your meeting with him/her.

Some of questions can be:

  • If my money is in trust, who can still access it?
  • Who will administrate a trust after I die?
  • How do I make sure the trust looks after the people I want it to?
  • Who will look after my trust while I’m alive?

Our team of experts can guide you making your savings and investment more tax-efficient using trusts and begin estate planning for your dear ones’ future.

For further information, please complete the Contact Us form and an Airborne financial adviser will call you at a time convenient to you.


“The Financial Services Authority neither regulates Wills, Will writing nor all forms of estate planning. Comments made are our interpretation of certain issues and/or situations which relate to Wills and Estate planning and are meant for general information purposes as opposed to official advice or guidance. Please contact us further to discuss your personal situation before acting. For professional legal advice always consult a qualified legal representative.”

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