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When you have insured your home, it is time to consider ensuring your personal possessions. Content insurance provides cover in the unfortunate event that any of your personal belongings within your home become damaged or lost.

As most people would agree, that it is common sense to have insurance in place for your personal belongings and contents, because you would be surprised to know how much money you would need to replace all the items in your home today!

Content insurance provides cover for all of your possessions within your home that are not permanently fixed to your home’s structure. So, all personal possessions such as your electrical appliances, your clothes and your furniture would be covered by contents insurance whereas permanent fixtures such as kitchen fittings and your windows would be covered on your buildings insurance.

Unexpected loss or damage to your property can happen at any time. And so ensuring your possessions are covered against all eventualities is vital in order to regain your losses and avoid the financial burden of having to replace your possessions.

There are many causes of content damage and loss that can occur including theft, vandalism, flooding and fire. However, another culprit of possession damage is often yourself!

Many people under insure their personal possessions and contents and although devastating events like fires and floods are rare, you want to make sure you can recover quickly if they happen to you – but if you under insure you will only be offered a proportion of the total value of what was lost.

Many content insurance policies include accidental damage in their cover, but to varying levels so it is important to consider this when comparing policies.

Most insurance companies offer discounts on their insurance depending on the type of security you have in your home.  It’s always a good idea to shop around.  Often, the cost of taking additional precautions – such as installing an alarm – can be offset very quickly by the amount you’ll save by bringing down your insurance premiums.  Your whole-of-market Airborne IFA can arrange building and contents insurance for you, at the same time that you take out a mortgage.

At Airborne Financial Services, we have developed an online system that allows you to find the very best home insurance quote to suit your individual needs, giving you peace of mind and assurance that no matter what happens, your personal possessions will always be covered.


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