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None of us likes to think about falling ill, but making provision for the worst can save a lot of worry and stress if it does happen. NHS waiting times can be long, depending on where you live and which procedure you need, but if you have health insurance, you have the power to choose where and when you have treatment.

Private medical insurance needn't be expensive, and there are plenty of cheap plans available which can give you peace of mind you will be well looked after in the event you become ill.

To avoid long NHS waiting times for appointments and treatments many individuals opt to take an individual health insurance policy, family health insurance policy and child health care insurance:

  • Individual health insurance offers additional peace of mind that should you become ill or injured you will be able to get care promptly and conveniently.
  • Family health insurance is a great way to safeguard the health of you and your children should you become ill and need treatment. Family health insurance provides protection for the whole family allowing you to bypass lengthy NHS waiting times and receive appointments and treatments quickly.
  • Child health insurance provides cover tailored for the needs of your children. Child health insurance offers complete peace of mind for your child's growing needs. Should they become ill or require treatment it will be at a hospital of your choice and at a time that's convenient.

Whatever your need is, an Airborne adviser can take a holistic approach whilst looking for the most suitable health insurance policy for you.

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